What we offer

Seamless high calibre quality IT recruitment – driven by passion for people 

and delivery - for customer and candidate.  With national coverage,
Bright Purple are recognised for our high-quality delivery which is driven
through exceptional Account Management by putting the customer
and candidate experience at the centre of our delivery model


We are much more than a recruiter - we are a partner that provides people
solutions – from adhoc requirements to high volume campaigns - leaving
thejob of securing the necessary talent to us. This allows our customers on
the CCS Framework to focus their time on business-critical duties and trust
their partnership with Bright Purple to deliver IT specialists by...


  • Having direct contact with our specialist Public Sector Account
    Management team

  • Being efficient when it comes to call-offs

  • Creating Specialist Talent Pools across multiple locations and skill-sets

  • Providing Cost-Effective Fixed Rates

  • Fast and Flexible Campaign Recruitment Drives

Bright Purple works under the RM6002  and RM6160 Frameworks with a focus
on efficiency and cost-effective ways to demonstrate our ability to deliver requirements as a compliant and value-for-money supplier.


We are striving to support the UK Government's Diversity and Inclusion strategy
to become the most inclusive employer by 2020.